Geoff's Tour
A Journal of My Bicycle Touring

Journey Notes

The second last day of the ride! I can't really believe that I am here. I feel like I could coast the rest of the way.

It was supposed to be sunny all day but we did not see the sun until just shortly before sunset. Instead, it was cold with low hanging clouds, fog and very "wet air". It didn't rain but I still got very wet riding through this foggy, wet air. It was also a very hilly day with mild headwinds throughout the day.

We had originally planned a shorter day for today but we realized that would leave a 125 km day on the last day into St. John's. It seemed like it would be better to have a shorter day on the last day so we could enjoy the arrival more and savour those moments longer. Instead of the 90 km ride, the next campground was at 144 km.

After all of the warning about moose, I finally saw one:

It was a real grind today with the bad weather, hills and wind. I was really wiped out when I arrived and my legs were really sore. I've pushed really hard these last few days. They have been long and challenging.

But we are here! Just one "lazy" day of about 70 km or so and I will be dipping my tire into the Atlantic. I was first going to do this at Cape Spear but from Google Maps, it looks like a pretty rocky shore. St. John's harbour is too industrial to really do this either so we will stop in a little place just on the north side of St. John's called Quidi Vidi Harbour where there is a little boat ramp that we can just drive down. I found another cyclist online who described doing this.

We are just enjoying a nice little fire while working on our computers. The campground that we are in had just one free spot but it had no services. The hurricane last week wiped out a lot of the electricity and the washrooms and showers are not working. It's interesting that a whole campground can be happy without washrooms. Almost all other campers here are in massive trailers and fifth-wheels so they have their own facilities.